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The system for career professionals, whether independent, or corporately engaged.

We have a system we recommend that you follow in order to take maximum advantage of our service:

Step 1

When you register, initially you should only spend the time necessary to create the vision level. Print out the vision level and place it somewhere you see it at least once a day.

Send it to the person or persons supporting you to achieve your visions. Identifying what you ultimately would like to have, be or become in your life will bring you motivation to take steps in exactly that direction. Defining your visions is actually a motivational journey in itself! Let your conscious and sub-conscious mind help you define which goals you need to set and achieve in order to reach your visions.

Step 2

A few days after defining your visions, we recommend that you proceed by creating your career goals, and the activities that go along with every goal. After that do the same within the Health area.
Again, send the goals and activities to the person or persons supporting you. Also, create a screen saver and/or wallpaper of your career goals or your focus goals.

Step 3

When you have achieved one of your goals, go to where you outlined your activity and click on “goal achieved”.
Enjoy both small and bigger victories at your personal “Hall of Achievements” page, thus making sure you never forget what you actually accomplish along the road! Send your achieved goal(s) to people who support and encourage you.
That way, you allow them to celebrate with you, and give you additional recognition for all your fine accomplishments!

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