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Become a member

lifemastering™ is all about unleashing your potential which indicates that you need to have a time perspective that is realistic. Therefore we want you, as our member, to use our services for at least one year, to ensure that you keep yourself focused on your potential during a significant period of time. Try lifemastering™ for 14 days by signing up NOW!

When you register and create a lifemastering™ account – we will instantly add a 14-day FREE trial period to your account! We pre-authorize your card upon registration, but it will not be charged until your 14-day trial expires. You can cancel at any time during the 14-day trial by sending an email to support@lifemastering.com. No questions asked, and no strings attached! Activating your free trial will give you full access to lifemastering™.

Note: If you want your membership to continue, you do not have to do anything. We will automatically charge your VISA or Mastercard if you do not send an email to support@lifemastering.com within this period and tell us to end your account.

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Now, do you ask yourself if you can afford this? For instance, if you register for 12 months it will cost 57 US dollars (less than 5 dollars a month) through our secure payment solution.

  • One year membership: $57 (US)
  • Two year membership: $99 (US)       Save 15 USD!
  • Five year membership: $188 (US)

  • One year membership: €47 (Euro)
  • Two year membership: €82 (Euro)     Save 12 Euro!
  • Five year membership: €157 (Euro)
  • The price is close to the cost of a cappuccino per month. We think the value of lifemastering™ certainly is much higher - but we choose to offer a low price in order to reach our goals. Our goals are, among others, to have a lot of happy and satisfied users. Our mission is to invite and include everyone that chooses to create a better life!

    lifemastering™ offers personalized access and you are only able to see your own data. No one else can see your data or pictures. You are responsible for keeping username and password in a safe way, and solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your account. Passwords are not stored in our databases. All passwords are encrypted and only accessible for each user.

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    "Life is the sum of all your choices"
    - Albert Camus
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