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Hall of achievements

How to celebrate small or bigger victories

celebrate achievements! How many times have you achieved something, but never made your accomplishments clear and visible to yourself and others? And - how often have you forgotten to celebrate small or bigger victories? Too often? It's normal, but from now on, all your accomplishments can be collected in what we call HALL OF ACHIEVEMENTS!!

When you have reached your goal (and I know you will do it), you simply go to where you outlined the activity for that goal and click on Goal achieved. That automatically moves your goal right into your Hall of Achievement page - your own success list! You can print your achievements and see your list every day. And of course you can send them to a coach, colleagues or supporters - to get your deserved recognition from and to tell them that you have progression in your life.

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Dream! Define! Distribute! Do it!
- Rune Semundseth, co-founder of lifemastering