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Welcome to lifemastering™ and our goal setting tools

lifemastering™ helps clarify your dreams and transform them to reality. Our goal setting tools, including a vision board and an activity planner, help you define your visions, goals and activities. It will unleash your potential in all important areas of your life! For a look at our benefits, see Web TV! Or see the link to our "brother" The Possibility Board™ in the right section -->

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«If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.»
- Jim Rohn

«Just take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.»
- Martin Luther King
Lifemastering are proud and excited to announce its’ new partnership with New England Coaching in the United States. Together they have created The Possibility Board™. This interactive tool helps people to systematically and visually create their very own personalized life plan.

The Possibility Board enables you to visualize what you like to have, be or do in life!

The “whole brain” process allows you to initially access deep personal insights, and then develop exciting plans which lead to outstanding results. Click here to view a 3 minute impact movie that explains this exciting tool and process. Founder in New England Coaching, Bill Sex

"This is a wonderful yet simple interactive online tool, which vibrantly brings to life the familiar 'Wheel of Life'. The mastery and visualization within the Masterboard provide Coaches and NLP Professionals with an invaluable additional resource for both themselves and their clients."

- Karen Moxom , Association NLP International
Visit ANLP web site.

The Possibility Board and lifemastering are powerful tools for achieving all your goals and the possibility of sharing your goals as well as celebrating your achieved goals in the “Hall of Achievements” is great!

- Grethe Deinoff, CTI Norway (www.ctinorway.no)

"lifemastering is a powerful tool for clarifying what you really want in life, and staying mentally focused on your most important goals. There's a lot of self-help snake oil in the world, but lifemastering is definitely not. Its creators are sincerely interested in using the scientific research on success and happiness to help people achieve more"
- Dr. Stephen Kraus, Ph.D., Author & Success Scientist,

Visit Stephen's web site.

"This is a powerful tool for goal setting and visualization. It provides structure for the coaching process for me and my coachees"

- Susann Gjerde
, co-active coach and author of the Norwegian bestseller "Coaching, what, how and why."