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These are just a few of the many benefits that accompany the lifemastering™ JOURNAL. Our email publication is short, direct, inspiring, and enlightening. It delivers nuggets of valuable strategies and solid information that will support your quest for enhanced life balance, goal setting, progress monitoring - and goal achievements. We help convert research data and proven techniques into meaningful information, and lessons you can use in the real world. Our aim is to bring new sparkle to your passions and worthy pursuits, and clarity to your visions and goals. We also want to empower you to remain authentic and true to your values, and persistent as you take focused action in order to obtain your most desired objectives.

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PS. We also welcome ARTICLES FROM GUEST WRITERS. If you have a proposal to present or ideas and questions you want to suggest for future issues, please e-mail us at: journal@lifemastering.com. You can use the same email if you want REPRINT RIGHTS to any of our materials, or you want lifemastering™ team members to provide CUSTOMIZED ARTICLES for your publication. Thanks again!

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