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You and your future deserves clear visions and goals. lifemastering masterboard™ offers you a dream, vision and goal journey. Search through more than 1000 fantastic pictures that represent the 7 most important areas of life, e.g. career, relations and health. Combine the pictures with your own written goals. Your masterboard™ (vision board) helps you find, visualize and be more specific about your dreams, visions and goals.

masterboard example

Your personal masterboard™ offers you:

  • a personal interactive e-board (vision board, dream board) where you can put pictures that describe your future; your visions (1 vision for each area) and your goals (7 goals within each of the 7 areas)
  • functions that put your own created masterboard™ as your wallpaper
  • functions that put your own created masterboard™ as your WindowsPC's screen saver
  • the opportunity to send your masterboard™ to a close friend, your boss or your coach
  • the opportunity to print out your masterboard™ and locate it where you see it frequently

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«Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe»
- Mark Victor Hansen