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lifemastering™ tools

lifemastering™ is the first site on Internet that combines the power of writing and visualizing your dreams, visions and goals through easy-to-use interactive functions. lifemastering™ also offers an activity plan with great tools to transform your dreams to reality. Please read about what lifemastering™ offers in the left menu.

We have made an effective goal setting tool never seen before, providing you as a member to:
  • create visions of what you ultimately would like to be, have and become in life
  • visualize your visions and goals with your own pictures and our high quality pictures
  • write clear goals, short- and long- term, in an easy and effective way
  • utilize our modern activity planner which is needed in order to realize your goals
  • utilize lifemastering tools for daily repetition of your visions, goals and activities in an effective and comfortable way, simply by looking at the PCs wallpaper, screensaver or print-out (poster)
  • distribute your masterboard™ to people in your life that will support and hold you accountable - your accountability partner - in reaching your goals (coach or friend)
Make sure you see what you are working to achieve many times pr. day. Seeing your goals represented by your chosen pictures and written statements, is a powerful combination that works exactly in tune with how your brain works.

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«Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.»
- Albert Einstein
Click in left menu to read more about masterboard™, the actvity planner and the Hall of Achievements.